Our Story

It was all started in the midst of afternoon tea in a central district of busy city Jakarta. Three enthusiasts who also friends were just merely talking and catching up about life and future. As three women who just finished their study, all of them were faced by reality in which they have to struggle to make a living.

In the middle of jokes, laugh and chitty chat, one woman asked, "Why can we have a job that we love doing and enable us to work from home?" The tall Valentina was working in Media Industry in the field of Marketing before she continued to study Fashion Communication in the UK and she wanted to have her own business. The other two then paused and responded, "I would love to have that if possible." Mirna smirked at Nandinne. Mirna was working at that time but for her, to be able to setup a job that based on creativity and hobby was interesting. Mirna is more a creative personality and she was very passionate on the offer. Nandinne, having enough working in fashion media, eagerly responded,"Why don't we make one, then!"After finishing her Master Degree in Media Culture, she felt the urge in developing online media based on fashion and the talk intrigued her. The three of the girls were passionate but all that was left that moment was just silent.

It was Tuesday, 18 January, the day the idea was brought into a serious talk. Jumannee is the dream. The dream that the three women will passionately pursue. Fashion is the core, which the three of them very attached with. Not only them, but to everyone out there. Valentina, Mirna and Nandinne believe that fashion comes from within and without personality, fashion will constantly fail. That is why fashion will never stop growing within the society. Especially, five years back, the industry of local fashion and its society has grown into a massive circle that attracted and challenged each other. This will build and strengthen the society as a whole, and Jumannee wants to be part of it.

That is why the main focus of their business is to provide an array of stylish and affordable clothes to be fitted in every person's wardrobe and for that person wearing them with confidence in style.

Jumannee is here, so let's hear it from you.