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In Which Adorned The Day

Eyes are the window of the heart but your sunnies can be the window of your style statement. Round sunnies which dedicate a breath of retro era in their form and design are among the must have fashion items since the past year.

The pair of these round frames in your eyes will declare a personal statement toward fashion and bold accessories during hot days.

Linda Farrow Project (left) and ASOS Mint (right)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Which Adorned the Day


The architectural design born from a heartbreak and romantically, a woman's foot is quite a fashion fetishism and a juju spell to create a distinguish form of art.

 Left to right: Abstract and Eamz X Elastic

Left to right: Fold and Frame

Left to right: Haiku and United Nude x Iris Van Herpen Crystallization

Left to right: Mobius Slingback and Mono Jane

Left to right: Ultra Loop and Eamz Pumps

(Source: United Nude)

In Which We Are In Awe

Lina Plioplyte

Lina Plioplyte is a Lithuanian-born videographer lives in NYC. She is also a very attractive style to be seen in the street of New York. She does directing, filming, editing documentaries and also doing fashion short videos.

She describes her personal style like psychedelic Minnie Mouse altogether with Cindy Lauper. Many inspirations that affect her style, like the era of ’60s and ’80s, glitter-rock artists, Freddie Mercury, Marlene Dietrich, Andy Warhol’s, Courtney Love, Art Deco, album covers, Almost Famous, New York’s extravagant elderly ladies and so much more. Her keywords in style are leopards and sparkles!

She loves vintage for sure but not in NYC because the price seems to be ridiculous. Even she labels New Yorker’s style as too serious, too safe and too much black! She mentions Queens to have the best Salvation Army and Urban Jungle in Bushwick always has some hidden wonders. But for basic ensemble of attire, nothing can compete with American Apparel.

When it comes to favorite designers she picks quirky menswear by Duckie Brown (florsheimbyduckiebrown.com), Mina Stone (minastone.com) with hand-splashed and oh-so-slouchy silk dresses and Iris Loeffler (irisloeffler.com) for marvelous leather jackets and pants.”

Defining a personal style for her is like a journey of trial and error and for her, dressing should be a celebratory ritual, so there is no point of not dressing up every day. “Learn what you like the most and stick with it! That is how you define your personal style. Always have at least three pieces of clothing to make an ensemble, and you will never be boring,” she utters.
(Source: Time Out New York) 

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In Which We Are In Awe

The Only Son

Cubical design, contrasting color of black and white, unisex apparel and sporty illustrated line are the reflection of Au Ekbutr Udomphol in his brand The Only Son. After graduating from fashion course at the Sydney Institute of Technology, he began a modeling career for the Ksubi denim and later on putting his creative urge into design for the cult brand in 2002. His career in fashion prolonged by designing for Sass & Bide and followed by Tara Subkoff that led him to the city that never sleeps, New York.

After leaving his hometown for almost half of his life, Udomphol opted to go home to Bangkok and designing for his own brand there. In Autumn Winter 2010/11, his first collection launched assorted of men’s, women’s and unisex clothing and accessories. The collection is evocative of the fashion recession yet being true to the current trends. The Only Son itself is the English translation from his name Ekbutr. He likes that it gives a boyish attitude and women could choose the same pieces in the collection as men’s and mix it up.

His jewellery collection for Autumn Winter 2011 is also intriguing with design remind us with letters on the typewriter. The inspiration is derived from 19th century, such as French poet Arthur Rimbaud and writers’ stacks of papers. They are edgy and make a strong statement as jewellery consolidated with thoughtful and smart inspiration. Udomphol’s design recreates art in a special way in which fashion are free to explore creatively. One of his fans is the fashion blogger from London, Susie Bubble.

He elaborates how his experience in the fashion industry so far in a statement, I learned a lot about the business and commercial side, a process that may not be every designers dream but is a crucial part of the job. So my perspective on the value and quality that goes in each collection and my work ethic have been effected by those experiences. I also gained understanding about both market places.” 

For inspiration, Udomphol visits London and other parts of Europe, the fabric fairs and London Fashion Week/Paris Fashion Week. He hopes in the near future to participate in London Fashion week or shoot the look books in the city.

Below are few part of his interview in Dazed Digital with Rachel Walsh. 

DD: How would you define your style?
Au Ekbutr Udomphol: Utilitarian meets sportswear, Future meets tradition.

DD: Which designers/stylists did you admire growing up?
Au Ekbutr Udomphol: Azzedine Alaia, Raf Simons and Helmut Lang. Joe Mckenna, Simon Foxton, Melanie Ward, Panos Yipanis and Carine Roitfeld when she worked a lot with Testino.

DD: Who do you design for?
Au Ekbutr Udomphol: Strong women and open-minded men. 

(Images from Dazed Digital)

... never is fashion patronizing, yet it is compromising. Likewise, style is never demanding, it is promising ...

In Which We Put Our Faith On

"Baby, where are you?"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Which We Are In Awe

The work of Stone and Spear by Simon Cook. A mixture of fine art and contemporary style in the design. The artworks speak circus, retro, color, psychedelic and more. Cook just want to have fun.

"Stone and Spear has been my way of creating a fantasy land where anything is possible…a world in which I could escape the monotonous routine of day-to-day life. There’s a strong sense of magic and wonder within my work relating strongly to the Surrealism idea too - exploring dreams, the imagination, and the opposite of reality. Deep."
(Source: Dazed Digital by Natalie Lasance)

In Which We Are In Awe

"The creative hand behind the jewellery label Vanity Insanity"

Vanity Insanity was born on December 2010 and for Ila Davina, the idea of making a jewellery line came from years ago and it has always been one of her dream. Now that it is here, just like her dream come true.

JUMANNEE had the chance to get her answering few questions about her dream and hope toward Vanity Insanity and share it with you.

How's the idea of Vanity Insanity born? What is the background?
For the love of fashion and art, that is the background. Jewellery is a form of fine arts. So, to me jewellery making is my kind of way on dedicating my life on both art and fashion world. It is like fine art and fashion collide.

Why jewellery?
Because I love to accessorize. To me accessories like jewellery is the most important element in fashion. Do not leave home without it!

In your opinion, what is best to describe jewellery in fashion and style?
Forgetting to put on your jewellery is like going bare. 

How do you relate yourself to each of the design? Do they stand as an extension of you as a person in some way?
Yes definitely! Each piece of my designs is very precious to me and carries stories and spiritual journey. It is like my other half.

Where do your inspiration comes from?
 A twisted mind and the land of weirdness called the earth and beyond 
What kind of person that wears your design? 
An edgy person and an artsy fartsy person who appreciates good arts and fine fashion.

What makes Vanity Insanity Jewellery special among other brands?
The concept, the material and the packaging. It is also handmade. The touch of the hand is what made my jewellery more than an accessories, it is a creation.

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In Which Adorned The Day

Our friend, Vanity Insanity creates a line of accessories based on the land of imagination and weirdness. We love the collection themselves but we also love the creative hands behind. The necklaces, bracelets, packaging and pictures are just remarkable and visually intriguing.

When being interviewed by FUR Magazine, the founder, Ila Davina, expressed that her design on the jewelleries "was born from a twistedly insane mind, with a little bit of vanity, wicked imagination  and spiritual journey that was transfered into a piece of art."

She merely chooses the bohemian style in general based on her love on bold prints and colours, also because bohemian is a representation of a freedom of expression.

Visit the store and shop insanely here.

In Which Fashion Cannot Deny

I was stumble upon in this interesting blog, contains pictures of fashion along with witty comments that made me laugh, or at least grin.

I Hurt I Am In Fashion delivers another perspective toward the prevailing industry which operates in appearance and creativity essentially. Through this blog, you will find it is amusing to read the description they provide about fashion and its impact to the society, in conjunction to the phenomenon of fashion slaves.



Read and Enjoy!

In Which We Are In Awe

This season of Summer, fashion delivers an array of spectacular color on its plate. These fashion shoots taken by Kryzstof Wyzynsky put colors on their derivation to pamper the eyes and senses.

(Source: Canvas Magazine)

The pictures are amazing and stand as if like a representation of an exuberant personality, Anna Piaggi, a famous Italian fashion writer and style icon. Her style is unique and eclectic and she never wear the same clothes more than once in public. No wonder, because according to a 2006 exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, her wardrobe consists of more than 2,500 dresses and 265 pairs of shoes.

Manolo Blahnik labels her as, "The world's last great authority on frocks."

Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi

In Which Adorned The Day

No matter what your accessories are, they should be a strong point of your appearance and placed in the right place, ... or not.

(Source: JAK & JIL)

In Which We Are In Awe


The video of amazing bags collection from Larissa Hadjio, a designer based in London who makes these wonderful collection of leather bags taking the forms of sea creatures. In Larissa's words, "It’s about wearing something that fits your character, rather than buying a bag that already speaks for itself".

(Video from Youtube)

The bags constructed in a 3D pattern making technique which is almost like reverse origami to create the shapes and personality of each underwater creature. Fashion speaks more about the personality, of the designer and of the masses. The era of fashion this season moves to the new length not only for the clothes, but also for the creative energy inside the players and therefore put fashion into a higher level of distinctive style.

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Have you seen our products? You can order now whenever you like but remember, JUMANNEE means 'born on Tuesday'.

"I wonder what tomorrow brings to the table?"

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In Which We Are In Awe

Debra Rapoport, a visual artist lives in New York and famous with her eccentric style and apparel. She labels herself as 'manipulator of materials' and her work has been exhibited in Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York. Fashion to her is unlimited and there is always something new in the neighborhood. You only have to look and play with everything you see. To see her in the street of New York, some says, like seeing a living art form. Jealous much?

(Photo by Andreas Lazlo Konrath for New York Magazine)

Debra and Lina Plioplyte (Photo from Guest Of A Guest)

Our favorite quotes from her:

"Life to me is about having fun, being healthy and using style, creativity and self expression to remain vital and enthusiastic."

“If you can’t wear something upside down and backwards, then it’s not worth owning… a lampshade can be a vase, a vase can be a lampshade and a lampshade can be a hat.”

“When you get up each morning, you are making a determination of who you are that day. The way I see dressing is that you’re building a sculpture. You are using the body as an armature. But the body is also being expressive, it tells you what it wants and guides you what to put on.”

(Source from Stylelikeu)


In Which We Are In Awe


A friend showed me this video and I feel obliged to share the moral story within. The favorite quote would be from Jean (the fantastic lady on the right side in the third screen shot), "Young woman, you will be an old woman someday. Don't worry about it. Don't sweat it. Don't worry about getting older, every era builds a character."

The short documenter video was made based on Ari Seth Cohen's blog Advanced Style which exclusively dedicated to the older street stylers in New York. I was so very intrigue watching this video and hopefully you will also find it interesting and inspiring. Age is just number, not a fashion dementia which stops you from looking good and even avant garde in this caseFashion is hystorical and also hysterical, in a good manner.

Advanced Style video by Lina Plioplyte and Ari Seth Cohen as publish in NOWNESS. Truly recommended reading as well!


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urban decay

The taste of urban edge in colours that represent the diversity in the cultural aspect of fashion. Hereby, JUMANNEE brings you the heroine in between the line of edgy vest by ZWEI PROJECT and strong yet feminine tube jumpsuit by OSTRICH. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Ichayas for being such an amazing model and bring the oomph very well on the set.

In Which We Put Our Faith On

"real people, real style"

Dave Orlando

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Which We Put Our Faith On

"real people real style"

denim is all around, peeps!

Andre Yuriza

Reza Kumbara

Left to right: Anggia Putri, Valentina Widjayakusuma

Nandinne Kuntjoro

Rian Hamzah

Jano Sukarya

Rian Hamzah

Nandinne Kuntjoro

Pants Euphoria

Time to rearrange your wardrobe with these comfortable pants. Looking professional, chic or casual is up to your styling-master skill.

Spring 2011 by J. Crew

Spring 2011 by Michael Kors

And JUMANNEE has them just for you to pick. Still more wide pants coming in different colour and style. So, stay tune and be the first to grab our collection.