Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Which We Are In Awe

"The creative hand behind the jewellery label Vanity Insanity"

Vanity Insanity was born on December 2010 and for Ila Davina, the idea of making a jewellery line came from years ago and it has always been one of her dream. Now that it is here, just like her dream come true.

JUMANNEE had the chance to get her answering few questions about her dream and hope toward Vanity Insanity and share it with you.

How's the idea of Vanity Insanity born? What is the background?
For the love of fashion and art, that is the background. Jewellery is a form of fine arts. So, to me jewellery making is my kind of way on dedicating my life on both art and fashion world. It is like fine art and fashion collide.

Why jewellery?
Because I love to accessorize. To me accessories like jewellery is the most important element in fashion. Do not leave home without it!

In your opinion, what is best to describe jewellery in fashion and style?
Forgetting to put on your jewellery is like going bare. 

How do you relate yourself to each of the design? Do they stand as an extension of you as a person in some way?
Yes definitely! Each piece of my designs is very precious to me and carries stories and spiritual journey. It is like my other half.

Where do your inspiration comes from?
 A twisted mind and the land of weirdness called the earth and beyond 
What kind of person that wears your design? 
An edgy person and an artsy fartsy person who appreciates good arts and fine fashion.

What makes Vanity Insanity Jewellery special among other brands?
The concept, the material and the packaging. It is also handmade. The touch of the hand is what made my jewellery more than an accessories, it is a creation.


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