Thursday, April 7, 2011

In Which We Are In Awe

Debra Rapoport, a visual artist lives in New York and famous with her eccentric style and apparel. She labels herself as 'manipulator of materials' and her work has been exhibited in Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York. Fashion to her is unlimited and there is always something new in the neighborhood. You only have to look and play with everything you see. To see her in the street of New York, some says, like seeing a living art form. Jealous much?

(Photo by Andreas Lazlo Konrath for New York Magazine)

Debra and Lina Plioplyte (Photo from Guest Of A Guest)

Our favorite quotes from her:

"Life to me is about having fun, being healthy and using style, creativity and self expression to remain vital and enthusiastic."

“If you can’t wear something upside down and backwards, then it’s not worth owning… a lampshade can be a vase, a vase can be a lampshade and a lampshade can be a hat.”

“When you get up each morning, you are making a determination of who you are that day. The way I see dressing is that you’re building a sculpture. You are using the body as an armature. But the body is also being expressive, it tells you what it wants and guides you what to put on.”

(Source from Stylelikeu)



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